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Dear users,

 I regret to inform you that this website will likely shutdown or, at the very minimum, development will be halted, no new features will ever be added, and existing features will neither be improved nor fixed. Unfortunately, DynamicNext has decided to permanently suspend my accounts under false claims that I abused exploits. I take these claims very seriously as, while I have gone to some great extent to reverse engineer the game, I would never utilize any exploits I discovered in order to harm the experience of other players or gain an advantage over them. However, DynamicNext is of the opinion that any kind of reverse engineering, even without malicious intent, is synonymous to exploit abuse. They have equivocated a malicious action with one that is entirely benign; to say that someone who simply goes searching through the code is identical to someone who actually hacks the game to ruin the experience of other players.

 No matter your stance or opinion on such matters, the key fact is this: with my accounts permanently suspended, I have no motivation or interest to continue developing, maintaining, or even hosting this website. I provided this website for free for any player for several years, paying for all of the expenses out of my own pocket and donating my time to improving it in order to give back to the community. It therefore saddens me to see DynamicNext take such a stance against someone who has only tried to better their game and its community, and unfortunately, I do not foresee myself making a new account in a game that is owned and operated by such people.

 With all of that said, I will continue to host this website until the domain expires, at which point I will be forced to reevaluate the situation to determine if I want to renew the domain and continue paying out of my own pocket to indirectly benefit a gaming company that has wronged me. Alas, that is a decision that will be made at a later date when the need arises.

 Regardless of what might come of my dispute with DynamicNext and the future of this website, I would like to personally thank you, the reader, for using this website and finding value/use in the tools I authored and maintained for several years. Perhaps it is contradictory to thank others for using a service I provided to them for free, but I am very happy to have had the opportunity to give back to the player community, and I am glad that others could find value in my work. I have always been and will always be the kind of player that tries to give back to the community of any game I am passionate about. Alas, though, some game companies seemingly do not respect that and would rather punish such individuals.

Until we cross paths again, happy gaming!

-The Ghost Lives/TheGhostTown

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